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                Paul is a member of the RE/MAX Lighthouse family and comes from an extensive sales background. He is customer service oriented in the sense that he always put’s his clients’ interests first. He focuses on the little things as well as the big picture which allows him to be an incredibly effective representative regarding anything real estate related. Growing up with such a large family, he has experienced what it means to act as a team to accomplish a common goal. In 2014, he married his wife Josie and plans to have children one day soon.

                Paul grew up in a large family of eight as the eldest boy—third amongst five other siblings. He moved to Petoskey from Milford, a ski lake area in Northern Indiana over 20 years ago. He’s always had a passion for everything and anything Northern Michigan. Particularly, he has a passion for utilizing the Great and inland lakes in Northern Michigan whether it’s sailing, swimming, or just enjoying a beautiful Michigan sunset. He also finds that the NW Michigan community has many things to offer that ultimately appeal to just about anybody. For example, Paul enjoys the hiking and biking paths, unique restaurants, small-town communities, the ability to hunt, fish, ski, and utilize NW Michigan’s outdoor playground.

                Ultimately, as beautiful as Michigan is, it’s the people in Northern Michigan that are the cherry on top. Paul has found that compared to other parts of the country, the people in Northern Michigan are real. They care. They help each other out. You don’t have to worry about a weird look should you say hello to a stranger. It’s all these factors combined that provide Paul with an atmosphere and job that allows him to succeed and be happy with what he does. For a down-to-earth and experienced Realtor that will always put your best interests at the forefront, look no further than Paul.

Paul is a hard-working realtor. Having experience working with him, I can definitely say that he looks out for your best interests and doesn't make you feel rushed. He really wants to make sure he finds the right opportunity for you. I've also been very impressed with his negotiating skills!

Marshall D.